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Established in 2002 Marc Holland founder and CEO of Spec-7 had an idea that he believed in "Building a quality work force."  By organizing a team of the most qualified sealant installers, delivering quality products, offering competitive pricing, and maintaining a solid relationship with our clients is how we put that idea into action.  "We will keep water out of your buildings." 

In high school working weekends for his father was how Marc was introduced into the construction industry.  He became very familiar with this unique trade at an early age.  Eventually in the year 2002 new doors would open and Spec-7 was introduced into the industry.  We began by storing materials and work equipment in a home garage and eventually established an office in Orange County. "I believe by treating our customers with the highest of regard on every job and exceeding their expectations will define what kind of a company we are.  Most of our jobs require high reach equipment such as scaffolding, swing stages, and boom lifts.  We have a great relationship with the best in the industry and will be able to access your buildings with no problem.  If you have any questions or concerns about your building or project please don't hesitate to give us a call. We offer free estimates and will be glad to provide you with any color samples for your next project.  Now let's get to work!"




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