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  Window Perimeter Caulking, Vinyl Removal and Wet Seal Caulking, Splice Joint Caulking, Butt Joint Caulking, Parapet Caulking, Tilt-up Expansion Joint Caulking, ACM Panel Caulking, Pipe Penetration Caulking, Slab Joint Caulking, Floor Sealer, Deck Coatings, and much more.

"Keeping water out of your building is our business". Water damage accounts for billions in damage to buildings in the United States annually. Water damage can ruin building contents, cause costly repairs and building closure. Spec-7 Inc. offers caulking and sealant solutions for all your needs. Our clients include window glaziers, concrete companies, property management, sheet metal companies, plaster companies, building owners, general contractors, personal residence, and much more.  We believe in order to sustain a solid relationship with our valued clients certain guidelines must be met. By providing quality service, competitive pricing, timely completion of our projects, a safe work environment, and taking pride in what we do will help us meet those guidelines. We believe that working closely with our clients from start to finish enables us to accomplish our mission and satisfy our goal.  Let us show you how we work.

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